24 Lunches

by organizedferment

These are pictures of my lunch from the past year. I don’t know why I started taking them. Sometimes the light, the colors of the food, the imperfect, un-fussed geometry of the plate struck me, and before sitting down to eat, I had to take a picture. This is a look at the food I make for myself when I am hungry.IMG_0105 IMG_0359 IMG_0367 IMG_0378 IMG_0385 IMG_0389 IMG_0392 IMG_0411 IMG_0539 IMG_0483IMG_0530IMG_0360IMG_0377IMG_0396
IMG_0616 IMG_0608 IMG_0375IMG_0399 IMG_0480 IMG_0524 IMG_0556 IMG_0582 IMG_0607IMG_0792Yes, I eat a lot of eggs.